Below you will find pictures from some of our performances!

Christmas Concert 2016

Pictures from our Christmas Concert 2016. The Christmas Concert was held in CuLTUREN in December 2016, where we mixed classical pieces with more modern ones. With soloists from the choir, Maria af Malmborg as presenter, Kent Jonsson as trumpet soloist and Håkan Olsson Reising as conductor, it was a really successful evening. Maria af Malmborg […]

Culture Night September 2016

These are pictures from the Culture Night of 17 september, 2016. We celebrate the Shakespeare year by singing songs by Vaughan Williams, Mäntyjärvi and Lindberg. We also performed two completely new songs by Richard Lindström, also with Shakespeare lyrics. The concert took place in the auditorium of Rudbeckianska Gymnasiet.

Pictures of us

Summer Tour 2017

Cultural Night September 2017